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Goldstone besøger Israel

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Den sydafrikanske dommer Richard Goldstone har accepteret en invitation til at besøge Israel, sagde indenrigsminister Eli Yishai til hærenss radio tirsdag. Ministeren sagde, at Goldstone også har lovet at arbejde for at ophæve hans FN-rapport, der har beskyldt Israel for bevidst at ramme civile under Operation Cast Lead i Gaza, har Associated Press sagt.

Yishai sagde, at han ringede til Goldstone i mandags for at udtrykke sin påskønnelse af hans “modige” artikler i Washington Post, hvori Goldstone indrømmede, at den rapport, han udarbejdede for FN’s Human Rights Commission var behæftet med fejl. Herefter inviterede Eli Yishai – Goldstone til at rejse i Israels sydlige lokalsamfund, der har lidt års raketangreb fra Gaza.

Yishai sagde, at Goldstone lovede at tage yderligere skridt for at tilbagekalde rapporten.

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Written by semit

5. april 2011 hos 14:12

Lagt i Goldstone

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  1. If I were Goldstone I wouldn´t dare to put my feet on soil. Most people in Israel are very angry with him and further debates wioll not help the damage he has done. He is OUT! The Gaza matter is a very simple one: They could choose peace. They chose rockets. They got hit. They took firing positions in balconies, schools, houses and caused the death of their own civilians. The IDF is not foolish enough to target civilians. Gaza is! War is not a boxing fight with a ring referee and two side referees. You fire and you will be fired at. An army is not a police force; it doesn´t have to say “hands up”! Gaza is stupid and malevolent. So is International Media whose members should be banned from Israel. We do NOT like them and we will NOT tolerate their antisemitic reporting. We do not like the UNHRC nor the UN. They should get out from Israel now! The world is far too ready to accept the myth that Jews are evil. Well, that part of the world can go to hell, as far as I am concerned!

    Isaac Haskiya

    13. april 2011 at 07:25

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