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Israeli company offers cure for Ebola

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Protalix says it has the resources to produce experimental medicine ZMapp, which has run out elsewhere.

However, supplies of experimental medicines — including the prototype drug ZMapp — are limited, and “will not be sufficient for several months to come,” the World Health Organisation (WHO) warned Friday.

Protalix, an Israeli biopharmaceutical company, said Saturday that it has the resources to produce the coveted ZMapp, which has recently run out, Israeli site The Times of Israel, citing Channel 2 TV‘s report, said Sunday.

In an interview with Channel 2, Dr. Yossi Shaaltiel, the executive vice president of research and development at Protalix, said: “Today our production capacity exceeds our needs, and we would certainly be happy to have the company producing the Ebola drug have us produce the drug for them. We would know how to do it effectively, in large quantities, and in a relatively short period of time.”

ZMapp has been given to about 10 infected health workers, including Americans and Europeans, of whom three recovered. WHO assistant director general Marie-Paule Kieny told reporters “there is ….

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18. oktober 2014 hos 20:19

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