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så graver vi i antisemitisme ….

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Den oprindelige ide bag dette indlæg er et blogindlæg om antisemitisme i hvor man leger med grænserne om, at man ikke skal købe hos jøderne med den begrundelse at det ikke må være kriminelle jøder fra vestbredden. Men er en udemærket portal til at afdække venstrefløjens modstand mod Israel, zionisme og nu også jøder fra vestbredden. Se selv efter eller kommenter, for dér er antal kommentarer meget større end her.

kilde her There are two mysteries that have defied explanation for as long as anyone can remember. The first mystery is anti-Semitism, which is a mystery because there are few things in history that have been as consistent, as universal, and as predictable as anti-Semitism. From one country to another, from one culture to another, from one religion to another — although lifestyles, philosophies, and so forth are extremely different, there is one thing all of the peoples of the world had in common: They all, at one point or another, included individuals, and even large segments of their populations, who did not like Jews.

What did these people know about Jews? Sometimes a lot, sometimes very little, sometimes nothing at all. And yet all of them have a discomfort with Jews. Some of the things anti-Semites come up with concerning Jews and Judaism, make us wonder, “What did we do? What could we possibly have done to cause them to suspect such a thing?”

For example, there’s the accusation that Jews are plotting to take over the world. We have our faults, we’re vulnerable to some legitimate criticism sometimes, but, plotting to take over the world? Where did that come from? In order to examine the mystery of anti-Semitism, one needs to have an understanding of its target, which is the Jewish people

Written by semit

16. maj 2015 hos 17:27

Lagt i Israel

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